Within the last couple of weeks, our homes are becoming makeshift offices, classrooms for children, and areas of refuge on this new ‘normal’. More importantly the living room, it is necessary to make sure they’re practical, functional as well as well-lit.

Lighting is essential to keeping your mood and efficiency levels high, and aiding you relax and switch-off when you really need to. To help lighten up your living room at home during lockdown, we share the following easy home lighting tricks.


Dimmers and lighting control systems are excellent methods for getting all your light sources to function together. Dimmers are simpler and less costly to set up. During the day, you may want your living area to feel alive and glowing so you can get your living room ceiling lights on full, however a wall or table lamp dimmed a little bit. At night, you could yield the softer lamp light thus it’s still lighting the room however in a lot more calming way compared to earlier during the day. The dimmer can perform all that for you. Lighting control systems can do similarly, however you have to programme which lights you would like to on, at exactly what time, as well as at what intensity.


This returns to the point above regarding the interior designer’s layered lighting technique. Lighting is an excellent method of developing texture within a room. In case your living room lighting style ended at ceiling lights or wall lights, it will really feel flat. Even when your living room is in the smaller side, you should add no less than 3 different sources of light thus there’s lighting in every level. Begin from your ceiling by thinking about spotlights or chandeliers, engaging your way right down to simply above eye level wall lights and then to table lamps, LED strip lighting across bookcase racks, floor lamps and candle lights.


In the topic of centerpieces, remarkably architectural or razor-sharp angled, modern living room lighting is a guaranteed way of getting your lights easily recognized. No matter whether you are going for the extra-large, low-hung pendant in the center of your room or an avant-garde table lamp, new-age lights are as great as art.


Dark living room sides normally appear to be a bad thing – however not always. On a living room, the dark corner could be the best reason for styling out a comfortable reading space. Look for an armchair that fits your scheme and after that consider a floor lamp which you could prop just behind, or one having a base which is made to put underneath so the shade rests right above the seat and so your book is on the spotlight.


Sconces (or wall lights) – name them what you want, however what once started during medieval times being a holder for placing the flaming torch in order to guide you up the stairwell is currently some of the finest lighting for living rooms. Similar to the way to utilize ceiling lights and lamps as decorative accessories, sculptural wall sconces can do as much aesthetic beauty as a framed artwork.


Similar to the way you could use a floor lamp to light up a favorite armchair, a similar could be executed by downlighting artwork. Do as the galleries do and make use of a particular picture light which is made to cast the beam downwards however in a controlled way (therefore the shade) to prevent it from dispersing. Lighting your wall art is the best for oils or canvases. Everything framed inside glass won’t work since the glass would reflect light source making it more difficult to see the art – the exact opposite of what you desire.

Lockdown Living Room Lighting Tips

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