Whenever a room doesn’t receive much sun light, it could be difficult to make your house feel bright giving it a delightful look. Then again, having the appropriate decorating options, it’s possible to have a light, airy vibe into a dark room without the need of doing a big home renovation job. Take into consideration these creative ways to decorate a dark room and transform it into a brighter, lighter place.

1. Put mirrors close to light sources

It’s a time tested advice to make use of mirrors to expand visual space and brighten up any dark room. Then again, to utilize the mirrors to its highest potential, be sure to strategically put it close to a light source. For instance, a huge wall or floor mirror close to a window can actually amplify natural lights. Putting table lamps or a floor lamp close to a mirror also can give the same result. To get the best effect, ensure that the lamp gives off ambient lighting so that it’s not very bright whenever reflected from the mirror.

2. Fairy lights, candles, and various ambient light sources

In case you are trying to put only a touch of light without overdoing the luminosity of the room, you must try to brighten with several long fairy light strings, several big candles, orb lights, or various other ambient lights. Not simply will they provide the perfect touch of luminosity, but also bring remarkable beauty and therapeutic atmosphere. As long as they come with a warm, yellow light, they’ll be ideal for your home. They make an intimate, hygge-like ambiance which can easily make even the most rough industrial decoration look stylish.

3. Choose lighter color or transparent home furniture

We normally select our sofas, chairs and tables depending on our own personal taste and what we believe will go perfect together. Having said that, always think about how your furniture choices influence the lighting level of your house. A little, dim room? A big, gray or navy blue sofa is not likely the very best idea! A classy, compact sofa in any lighter color such as beige, white, or ivory can make your room feel and look much larger and even more spacious. Even more important, refrain from walnut wood tables, bed frames or perhaps TV stands. Rather, think about something similar to a transparent acrylic coffee table.

4. Cover floors with huge, bright area rug

Brighten up your room by addressing your bare floors into a lightly colored area rug. It will not only bring some softness and texture into your floors, but it will likewise make your floor shine. This is particularly suitable when your dim space includes dark floor boards. When picking a color for your rug, you could choose for white/ivory, yellow, or a few warmer hue mixtures. To help you broaden visual space, ensure the rug is of bigger size.

5. Embrace white walls

Every single decor guidebook possibly mentions this, however it’s true – white actually is the best means to fix and brighten up a dark room. White transmits light bouncing all around your space, reflecting back again into some other surfaces and helping to make the space appear a lot larger than it is. Think that white is simply too boring? Think about putting ornamental trims along the ceilings for additional texture, or paint either side with a fresh new color for some variety.

6. Deep clean your windows

This is really an understandable but oft-ignored tip. Just like wearing glasses with smudges in it, a room having tainted windows will really feel filthy and restrict visibility. Have a right glass cleaning agent and clean your windows – in and out. You’ll instantly benefit from the feeling of freshness which comes alongside, and be amazed at the amount of natural light your room could invite.

7. Choose light beige/gray window curtains

Easily simplify your window treatments by choosing light curtains on each side of the windows. You could pick either blackout curtains or light draperies – in either case, simply ensure that the color offers some hue of light tan or light gray. For blackout curtains, a light gray such as IKEA’s MAJGULL is an excellent choice.